The Marks and Spencer Survey: Taking In Customer Response

By far, online surveys are the easiest way of telling how you feel about the service or products of a certain business or company you recently had an experience with. The London-based company, Marks and Spencer also provides its customers with their online survey. This makes communication easy as customers can convey their criticism, praise and feedback with a simple click of a button. This also regains customer confidence because it shows that the company is open to response from its customers. Managing such a huge business is never easy. Flaws in service are inevitable. However, the Marks and Spencer Survey at makes sure that customer complaints are taken care of and customer satisfaction does not disintegrate.


Marks and Spencer is a British retailing company that specializes in the sale of clothing. It was founded in 1884 in Leeds, United Kingdom by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. Currently, it has headquarters in London and a total of 959 stores spread across the UK. These also include the 615 stores which solely sell food items. Speaking internationally, M&S has several stores in Turkey, Greece, India, Ireland, Poland, France, Hungary, Spain, Finland, and Russia. Marks and Spencer has more than 82000 people working for it.


To take the Marks and Spencer Survey, the following are needed:

  1. Basic understanding of English
  2. A computer or a cell phone
  3. Internet access
  4. A Marks and Spencer receipt
  5. An invitation to take the survey
  6. Some extra time on your hands


After making sure that you have the above mentioned, you are ready to begin the Marks and Spencer Survey:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 12 digit ‘unique code’, the date and time. These will be printed on your Marks and Spencer receipt
  3. Click the correct option if you work for the list of companies given
  4. Proceed to questions
  5. Answer all questions keeping in mind your last experience at a Marks and Spencer store. Do not hesitate to criticize
  6. Enter your contact information
  7. You are done!


The Marks and Spencer Survey is designed to elicit precise and to the point answers from the participants.  Even though it is thorough, the survey takes little time to complete and so is very customer friendly. It asks about the areas/departments of a Marks and Spencer store that the customer visited. The customer can specify a department of the store or give a general feedback. The survey gives a lot of importance to the speed of checkout, mobility through the store, quality and quantity of goods, monetary feasibility of products and the environment of the store. However, there should also be a ‘progress’ bar throughout the survey that intimates how much of the survey has been completed and how much of it remains. As a token of appreciation for taking the time out to fill the survey, the participant is also presented with a chance to win big in a lucky draw.

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