Walgreens Survey: Satisfying The Customer

Walgreens allows its customers with an easy and efficient way to register their feedback regarding the service provided at their stores. You can now access www.walgreenslistens.com and fill in the Walgreen customer satisfaction survey.


Walgreens is an American company, headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. Established in1901, it has branches in all the 50 states of America including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The company specializes in pharmacy, consumer goods and photos.

The Walgreens Survey helps customers candidly voice their complaints and concerns regarding service. For example, if a customer feels that the quality of goods at Walgreens has declined or an employee has misbehaved than he/she can easily access the Walgreen’s Survey and register the complaint. It is to be noted that companies like Walgreens find surveys extremely useful and important, thus the customers need not fear that their opinion will go unheard in the shape of the survey.


To make full use of this customer friendly endeavour by Walgreens, you should:

  1. Have access to internet on a mobile or computer.
  2. Be easily able to access www.walgreenslistens.com.
  3. Walgreens store receipt from a recent visit.
  4. Some time to spare


  1. Open up the survey website at www.walgreenslistens.com.
  2. Fill in the information and the entry number from the receipt.
  3. Hit start and continue on to the survey questions.
  4. Answer truthfully and write what you feel unperturbed.
  5. Enter yourself in the sweepstakes drawing if you want to.
  6. Enter your personal information to get newsletters etc. Check out the ‘privacy policy’ if you have any queries.


The Walgreens Survey is structured to encourage participants to give concise and definite answers in the form of mcqs. This helps the company administration get a clear sense of what the customers want and where service lags behind. The language is simple which makes it easy to comprehend. The Walgreens Survey entertains thoroughly all the important parts of the service; the quality, quantity and stock of products. The sale items, friendliness of employees, cleanliness and overall expense in regard to the products bought. The survey also asks the customers to compare the Walgreens store with the other stores in the area. This helps gauge the competition and also shows where the company stands in the eyes of the customers.

The presence of a progress bar which indicates the percentage of the Walgreens Survey completed so far gives the participants a quick idea of how much of the survey is left. This warrants that the participant will not leave the survey incomplete fearing a long bunch of questions ahead with the added time consumption. The customers are also asked department specific questions and requested to give in any additional comments which could have been missed out in the course of the survey. Apart from the friendliness of employees, customers should also be asked to give attention to the level of cleanliness that the employees themselves observe especially those handling the fresh food items. For example, if the employees wear gloves, caps or masks etc.

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