Primark Survey: Keeping Customers Happy Is Vital

Keeping customers happy is vital and the only way business owners and directors can know for sure how satisfied customers are is by conducting a survey. The Primark survey allows customers to share their experiences and give a rating on the quality of products and services offered. The survey features a few simple questions that will help Primark to improve on their services. Primark survey can be found here at – The company looks forward to receiving honest response.


Primark is a subsidiary of British food processing company ABF. It was opened Mary Street in June 1969. It is a retail outlet that deals in clothing and sells to end users at a bargain price. The company outlets can also be found in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Netherlands.


For giving your valuable feedback to the company, take the survey available at –


Primark would like to hear from you about how well they are doing. But company wants to make sure; it is receiving feedback from its genuine customer. For this, it has set a series of requirements that each user must fulfill:

  • To be eligible for survey, you should have Primark store receipt or survey invitation.
  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or PC.
  • Your device should be connected to good and smooth internet connectivity.
  • You should be of appropriate age to take survey as some companies exert great importance on age limitation.


Upon completion of survey, you can win €1,000 daily and €1,500 weekly through prize drawing.


After you have fulfilled the requirements, you are eligible for the survey. Following instructions will guide you in completing an accurate survey:

  1. To complete Primark Survey, visit the survey site at –
  2. Select your language.
  3. Click ‘Enter’
  4. Read reward information.
  5. Enter 13-digit survey entry code.
  6. Click ‘Enter’ to get started.
  7. The questionnaire consists of number of questions. These questions demand honest answers.
  8. Then, rate few statements according to your likelihood.
  9. In the end, submit the survey.

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