IHOP Survey: Making Customers Happy (EXPIRED)

A survey about a certain business/company acts as a yardstick which allows the surveyor to determine the trends, performance and demands etc. This ultimately impacts the growth of the business/company as it permits the customers to communicate their opinions, whether good or bad, regarding the service. This way, a survey acts as a direct link between the customer and the administration. The IHOP Survey is an example of encouraging such discourse from the customers. The IHOP Survey is not a one sided mode of communication. The customers convey their feedback through the online survey and the restaurant chain listens by rendering the improvements needed. The IHOP Survey at www.tellihop.com is not available at the moment; however, customers are requested to take the survey once it is online again.


The International House of Pancakes or IHOP was established in 1958. It is an American pancake house and restaurant food chain. It produces breakfast foods, waffles and French toasts. With 1650 branches in North and Latin America, Middle East, Oceana and Southeast Asia, the food chain caters to a varying array of customers’ every day.


To take the IHOP Survey, you will need:

  1. Internet on your mobile or computer
  2. IHOP receipt from your previous visit
  3. Comprehension of English or Spanish


  1. Go to www.tellihop.com
  2. Fill in the code on your receipt
  3. Answer all the questions truthfully
  4. Take down the validation code and submit the survey


The IHOP Survey is aptly designed to elicit definite answers from the customers. It will take about one to two minutes to take the survey. This makes it all the more customer friendly, as a sacrifice of a few minutes is worth it if it makes it possible for the franchise to do away the troubling aspects of service. The participant is given a validation code at the end of the survey which he/she can redeem, and enjoy an appetizing offer upon the next visit.

A ‘progress’ bar allows the participant to gauge how much of the survey is left. It also indicates how much of the survey has been completed through a percentage mark. The language is simple which make the IHOP Survey all the more customer friendly. The survey asks about the overall experience at the restaurant, the behaviour of the staff, the cleanliness of the branch and the amount of money spent on the order per person. However, the IHOP Survey should also ask of its customers to compare the IHOP restaurant they visited to the other IHOP branches they know of. Furthermore, knowing how the customers rate the IHOP restaurants against the other restaurants in the area will also help the IHOP administration evaluate the competition. The survey will also help it make easier to manage the performance of branches, managers and employees in the 1650 chains present worldwide.

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