Your Feedback Matters! – The Boston Market Survey

All customers are highly encouraged to take the Boston Market Survey, currently available at This way they can keep tabs on how they are being served.


Boston Market is a private restaurant chain. It was founded in 1984 by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores. Until 1995, Boston Market operated by the name of Boston Chicken. As of today, its headquarters are in Golden, Colorado, USA.Boston Market employees 14000 plus people and has branches in more than 460 locations.

The Boston Market Survey thus allows it to function more accurately by being at par with what the customers think about the service. For any business to function profitably, it is of extreme utility to carry out such exercises. Customers form the back bone of any venture. Regardless of how efficiently and transparently the company tries to perform service, if the customers are not liking it, there is little hope for success in the long run.


To take the Boston Market Survey, the following things are necessary for the participant:

  1. A cell phone or computer
  2. Reliable Internet access
  3. A latest receipt of Boston Market. Thus be certain not to lose the receipt before you take the survey
  4. An invitation from the Boston Market restaurant to take the survey
  5. Access to
  6. Basic comprehension of English or Spanish


Once you make sure that you can take the survey, proceed as follows:

  1. Type in the URL:
  2. Enter the date and time, store number, transaction number, total amount of purchase. All this information will be printed on your Boston Market receipt. So keep the receipt in front of you while taking the survey
  3. You can also choose to continue in Spanish if you aren’t quite comfortable in English
  4. Hit the ‘Start’ tab
  5. Remember your latest experience at a Boston Market restaurant. Respond to every question honestly. You are highly encouraged to criticize the service or products
  6. Give your valid email address and other personal information. Then click on ‘Next’
  7. Note down the validation code and redeem the offer on your next visit

The Boston Market Survey:

The Boston Market Survey asks of its readers to share their last visit to any branch of the food chain. The participants choose the correct answers from a series of multiple choice questions. They shed light upon the environment, cleanliness, crew and the money they spent during their visit and their thoughts on these aspects of service. The survey provides a sample receipt, in the beginning, to help customers fill in the initial information. For those who may be concerned about their confidentiality, a ‘privacy policy’ link has also been provided in the bottom right corner of the first web page. However, the Boston Market Survey should also ask the customers about the location of the branch, as compared to other branches/restaurants, what they felt lacked in service. The security and ease of parking should also be highlighted in the course of the survey. A redeeming offer at the end is guaranteed to make any customer happy.

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