Building Customer Confidence: The Marriott Hotels Survey

The Marriott Hotels Survey found at serves as a smart and efficient way of accessing the level of customer satisfaction. Running numerous hotels and resorts under one brand name is quite a tricky business. Each employee represents and ultimately impacts the impression that customers take with themselves. Hence, making sure that all the employees and the managers are putting in their best, to uphold the image of Marriott Hotels, is of paramount importance.And who best can evaluate the performance of the hotels than the people who directly experience the service.

The Marriot Hotel Survey proves efficient because the participant can simply enter information and submit the survey without needing to go anywhere else. This ease of accessibility is what encourages customers to take the survey. The Marriott Hotel Survey not only helps the hotel chain improve any shortcomings in the service, attract more customers and boost up profits. The survey also benefits customers in enjoying a comfortable stay without the fear of their money being wasted.


The Marriott Hotels operates hotels and resorts on a global level. The brand has currently 505 hotels. The company was founded by S. Edward Marriott in 1957. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S., the company has made its way on the Forbes Best Companies to Work for list time after time. The Marriott Hotels have also been placed fourth in the best company to work for in the UK in 2009.


The Marriott Hotels Survey is designed to listen and act upon customer concerns and complaints. To take the survey, you need:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Internet availability
  3. A Marriott receipt from your recent visit to the hotel/resort
  4. Access to
  5. Ability to understand the language


  1. Access the website
  2. Enter the 6 digit access code. For this you are requested to keep the Marriott receipt in front of you. The access code is printed on it
  3. Enter the required information; branch, date and time of visit
  4. Proceed to the question by ticking the arrow at the center of the survey
  5. Answer all the questions truthfully. Feel free to register your complaints if need be


The Marriott Hotels Survey endeavours to determine customer response and cure any ills in the level of performance. Like many good surveys, the Marriott Hotels Survey can be categorized as customer friendly. It asks for some moments to spare of its participants. This is a small sacrifice to make in view of benefits for the customers that such a survey will entail. The cleanliness, employee behaviour, economic feasibility, quality of services, food etc. are aptly dealt in the course of the survey. However, more importance should be given to the precautions taken by the hotels in case of emergencies for example, fire exits, fire extinguishers and over all security.

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