Sears Auto Survey: We Listen and We Implement

Customer satisfaction surveys are the tools that help company in determining the ratio of happy customers to unhappy customers. No company can be successful unless it does not know what its customers demand from them. Sears Auto as fourth largest departmental store would like to know how well they are doing through their survey; you can become part of survey by going to –


Sears is an American multinational department store chain. It is part of Roebuck & Company. Sears Auto Center provides a series of services like air conditioning recharge, visual brake inspection, full brake system evaluation and others. Now you can schedule a Sears Auto Center appointment online. It is known to be the fourth largest department store in the U.S.


Enter into Sears Auto Survey by clicking on the following link – The link takes the user directly to survey page. The page consists of number of questions and situations to answer and rate. Follow the instructions carefully.


Sears Auto appreciate the time you take to complete their survey, however, they have some requirements that you need to fulfill before starting the questionnaire, these requirements are:

  • You should have Sears Auto store receipt or survey invitation for participation in the survey.
  • You should be of age to take the survey.
  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or computer.
  • You should have good internet connectivity for accessing the website.


Surveys are increasingly becoming famous due to their immense benefits. Following steps will guide you how to complete the questionnaire:

  1. Go to Sears Auto Survey site, it is located at –
  2. Enter the 12-digit sales check number.
  3. You need to answer some questions regarding the experience you had at the store.
  4. Then, rate few situations according to your like and dislike.
  5. Finally, submit the survey.

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