Ensuring Customer Happiness: The PetSmart Survey (EXPIRED)

Surveys help assess how satisfied customers are. They help companies like PetSmart prioritize what the customers want and correct any kinds of shortcomings on their end. PetSmart is also aware of the ever changing customer trends. Surveys are a sure shot way of diagnosing the lapses in service and improving business.

About PetSmart:

PetSmart was established in 1986 and is an American retail business. Apart from Americans, it serves customers in Canada and Puerto Rico and deals in the sale of animals and pet supplies. It offers day care services as well as grooming, training and boarding programs for cats and dogs. Apart from cats and dogs, PetSmart also provides different kinds of animals, like reptiles and amphibians, up for adoption.

The PetSmart Survey, though currently unavailable, allows its customers to communicate their feedback and concerns regarding the facilities that they experienced. By covering the varying parts of service; the products and programs, the behaviour of the employees, the overall cleanliness, and cost effectiveness etc., the PetSmart Survey allowed the people who walked through the doors of its many branches to gauge the overall services rendered. The PetSmart Survey has been a very pragmatic way of boosting profits for the company. The survey has also acted as a means of sustaining and promoting customer loyalty by practically showing that the company is driven towards attaining new heights of customer service.


In order to complete the PetSmart Survey, the participant requires;

  1. A computer or a cell phone
  2. Reliable internet access
  3. An invitation for the survey and a recent receipt from a PetSmart store
  4. Ability to comprehend English or Spanish


With all the above things checked, the customer is ready to start the PetSmart Survey;

  1. Access the website www.petsmartfeedback.com.
  2. Proceed in the language you are comfortable in; English or Spanish.
  3. Enter the 16 digit code, printed on the receipt.
  4. Choose the preferred questions candidly; remembering your recent experience at PetSmart.
  5. Give your personal information in order to keep in touch with the latest happenings at the stores.
  6. Note down the validation code at the end of the survey and redeem your offer on your next visit.

The PetSmart Survey

One of the positive aspects of the PetSmart Survey is that it is easy to comprehend and takes up little of the customer’s time. Sacrificing a few moments from your schedule and filling in a simple survey will be more beneficial than the average customer perceives. This is because, the effects of the PetSmart Survey resonate a long way. Service cannot be completely faultless anywhere. Managing vast businesses like PetSmart is a tricky task. However, surveys like the PetSmart Survey help make performance as smooth as possible.

The PetSmart Survey also influences the employees and keeps them on their toes. The customers feel empowered and are made aware of the fact that their voices do not go unheard but strict actions are indeed taken to implement positive change.

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