Addressing Customer Complaints: The Del Taco Survey (EXPIRED)

The Del Taco Survey, previously found at, no longer available, allows its customers to share their reviews and give their feedback while being in the comfortable environs of their homes. This is a customer friendly policy employed by smart franchises like Del Taco to allow customers to communicate their complaints and compliments regarding service. This way, a participant can enter his/her assessment online without waiting in long queues.


Del Taco is an American fast food restaurant chain. Established in 1964 by Ed Hackbarth and Evan Williams, the food chain has 547 locations. With its headquarters in Lake Forest, California, Del Taco serves fries, burgers, shakes and American-Mexican cuisine.


In order to take the Del Taco Survey, you should have the following things at your disposal:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Internet availability
  3. A Del Taco receipt from your recent visit to the restaurant. Hence make sure not to lose the receipt after you have dined at Del Taco
  4. Access to
  5. Capacity to comprehend English


To take the Del Taco Survey, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the four digit location number found on your receipt.
  3. Enter the fifteen digit survey code, also printed on your receipt
  4. Answer the questions, keeping in mind your last Del Taco visit
  5. Upon the completion of the survey, note down the validation code. You will receive a discount of $1 on a $3 purchase


Being consumer-centric, the Del Taco survey asks the participant specific questions and demands him/her to spare little time. The survey gives attention to different aspects of service like the demeanour of the staff, the speed of service, quality of food, cleanliness and monetary feasibility of the order. The Del Taco Survey is thorough as it asks customers to rate the newly introduced, ‘Del Taco’. It also asks customers to give their thoughts on the ingredients used.

However, to make the survey more customer friendly, the ‘progress’ bar should also show the percentage of the survey completed. This will keep the customer more aware of how much of the survey remains. Furthermore, the Del Taco Survey should also ask its customers to rate the restaurant they visited with the other branches of the chain. The participant can also be asked to compare Del Taco with other food places so to know the competition better. Apart from this, the survey can also focus on the kind of furniture the restaurant places for the customers; if the customers think that the chairs and tables were comfortable and convenient enough. The presence of high chairs for toddlers also creates ease for customers. The environment and atmosphere in the restaurant also impact if customers come back or not. A place that seems too claustrophobic will seldom be entertained a second time.

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