Making You Happy: The PizzaExpress Survey

Knowing customer demands and needs is the golden rule of any business. As long as your customers are happy with the service, nothing can bring the company or business down. However, it all starts to go downhill once customers’ complaints go unheard. Especially while operating franchises in different countries; it is of paramount importance to make yourself accessible to your customers. If the customers know that they can easily file or register any kind of complaint whether big or small and that due action will be taken to do away with the source of the dissatisfaction, customer confidence will remain consistent and will be sustained. PizzaExpress provides its clients with its online survey. The PizzaExpress Survey is currently available at, and customers can easily communicate their feedback regarding their recent experience to the top administration.


PizzaExpress is a restaurant chain founded by Peter Boizot in the year 1965. Its headquarters are in Uxbridge, London, UK. PizzaExpress also operates overseas and has an international consumer base. In the United Kingdom alone, PizzaExpress has 400 restaurants. While on a global level, PizzaExpress caters to a diverse range of customers in places like India, Europe, Hong Kong and the Middle East.


  1. A computer or cell
  2. Internet connection
  3. Invitation to take the survey
  4. A latest PizzaExpress receipt
  5. Basic comprehension of English
  6. Some spare time


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the survey code, time and date of visit and the amount of money spent. These will be printed on your receipt
  3. Select your type of visit
  4. Answer all the questions keeping in mind your last visit at PizzaExpress. You are free to criticize any aspect of service
  5. You can choose to take part in the prize draw.
  6. Select the mode in which you should receive your gift voucher
  7. Type in your valid personal information
  8. Click next and you are done!


The PizzaExpress Survey allows the participant to give in his/her views regarding the cleanliness of restaurant, employee behaviour, the speed of service, monetary value of the food, taste and temperature of your order and the availability of the menu items etc.  The survey is thorough and detailed. The customer is provided with a free space to register any sort of shortcoming on the restaurant’s behalf. The presence of a progress bar throughout the survey also adds to the survey’s customer friendliness.  However, the customer should also be asked about the parking facilities outside the restaurant. The security and the emergency precautions exercised also weigh in when it comes to attracting customers to a certain food place. The participant is also given a free gift voucher and an opportunity to be a part of a lucky draw and win big. Similarly the cleanliness and facilities in the restaurant restrooms is a facet of service that is often overlooked but is very important too.

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