Knowing Your Customers: The McDonald’s Survey

McDonald’s brings you the McDonald’s Survey at, to help you convey your criticism, compliments, and queries.

About McDonald’s

The word ‘McDonald’s’ comes to mind when one talks about fast food. And why not? Established in the 1940s, McDonald’s has completely revolutionized the way we enjoy fast food. Today, it has become the largest restaurant chain in the world and has penetrated 120 countries. Every day, about 68 million people appease their taste buds by indulging themselves in the vast variety of scrumptious meals offered at McDonald’s.

The key rule to stay and shine in the food business is simple: keep your customers happy. However, knowing and catering to the preferences of so many customers of varying ages and ethnicities is a tricky task. This is where the McDonald’s survey comes in. The McDonald’s survey is a sure shot way to get to know the customers’ complaints and compliments about the service.

What You Should Have

All customers are encouraged to convey what they feel about the food, atmosphere and their overall experience at McDonald’s. In order to access the survey, you should have;

  1. internet at your disposal
  2. access to
  3. a McDonald’s receipt in hand
  4. And some moments to spare

The McDonald’s Survey is pretty straight forward which makes it all the more customer friendly. In this busy day and age, people will find it time-consuming to narrate their response by answering open-ended questions. However, the McDonald’s Survey means that people are predominantly asked multiple choice questions which allow them to tick in definite answers. You are done with the survey before you know it.

Why The McDonald’s Receipt?

In order to proceed with the McDonald’s Survey, you will need to have your McDonald’s receipt in front of you. You will need it to enter the following things, printed on it, when you begin the survey:

  1. Store number
  2. KS number
  3. Date of visit
  4. Time of visit
  5. Order
  6. Amount spent

With the above information entered, you can hit the red ‘start’ button present at the bottom of the webpage and proceed with your survey.

The McDonald’s Survey

The McDonald’s Survey itself can be safely defined as customer centric. It does not bombard the customer with a seemingly never ending round of multiple choice questions. The mcqs asked are direct and to the point. Apart from the mcqs, the customers are also asked an open ended question regarding their experience at McDonald’s. This allows the customers to write what they feel if they find the mcqs inadequate. The presence of a ‘progress’ bar at the bottom of the survey questions is a clever way of keeping the customers engaged. Through it, they have an idea of their progress and the time they will need to spare. It ensures that customers don’t leave the survey incomplete, fearing that it will be too long and may take up an indefinite amount of their time. The fact that the McDonald’s Survey asks the customers to compare the McDonald’s branch they recently visited to the other branches of the franchise in the area indicates McDonald’s determination to stay ahead of the game by ensuring a faultless service for its customers.

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