Let’s Make Service Better Through The LongHorn Steakhouse Survey

LongHorn Steakhouse like many renowned food places offers its online survey. The Longhorn Survey allows customers to communicate with the company or business administration and tell them how they feel about the services, food or the products. Online surveys are not only meant for lodging critique and complaints but also to praise and appreciate the employees who make your experience enjoyable and comfortable. Online surveys such as the LongHorn Steakhouse Survey help maintain customer base and sustain customer confidence. This is because, customers know that the company is accessible to them and that action is bound to be taken on the glitches and errors in services.


LongHorn Steakhouse is an American restaurant chain. It provides casual dining to its clients and is operated by Darden Restaurants. LongHorn Steakhouse was established in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA by George McKerrow Jr. LongHorn Steakhouse has its restaurants in Orlando, Florida, USA. It is a global casual dining restaurant chain which provides burgers, steaks, salads etc. Its customer base is found in Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA. LongHorn Steakhouse has about 500 locations worldwide and accounted to $1.5 billion in sale in the year 2015.


  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Reliable Internet connection
  3. Invitation to take the survey
  4. A recent LongHorn receipt
  5. Must be 18 years or older of age
  6. Should be a legal citizen of USA, Puerto Rico or Canada
  7. Should have basic understanding of English or Spanish
  8. Some spare time


When you have made sure that you are eligible to take the LongHorn Steakhouse Survey, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to longhornsurvey.com
  2. Enter the ID number located on your receipt
  3. Answer all questions candidly. Do not fear to critique
  4. Enter your personal information and contact details so that you can be entered into the sweepstakes
  5. Tick the small box if you want to receive news and updates
  6. Click ‘Next’ and submit your survey


The LongHorn Steakhouse Survey is thorough and precise. On top of it, it is extremely customer friendly because it asks the participant to take out little of his/her time. The LongHorn Steakhouse Survey asks the participant about the major aspects of service. For example, the participant is asked about the speed of service, taste of food, cleanliness of the restaurant, behaviour of the employees and the overall experience of the restaurant. A progress bar is also provided throughout the survey. This indicates the percentage of how much of the survey completed and how much of it remains. However, to make the LongHorn Steakhouse Survey more customer centric, it is recommended that the customers should also be asked about the location of the restaurant, the ease of car parking, the comfort of the chairs and tables, the security and the emergency precautions exercised.

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