The Kroger Feedback Survey: Catering To Customer Response

Kroger knows the importance of customer feedback. This is why it has provided customers with the Kroger Feedback Survey. The Kroger Survey can be found at, and frequent visitors to the super market chain can contribute their reviews and assessments by filling in this survey.


Established in 1883 in Cincinnati by Bernard Kroger, the company has risen to become the largest super market chain by revenue. It provides employment to 400,000 people, the company has more than 1300 supermarket fuel centers, over 2000 pharmacies and its grocery stores exceed 2700.

For such large businesses as Kroger to function successfully, it is important to be in touch with the needs and wishes of their customers at all times. Customer preferences aren’t always static and fluctuate constantly. In order to make sure that the customers are catered to, the glitches and complaints are done away with and the customer confidence in the company is contained, the Kroger Survey does the job.


In order to fill in the Kroger Survey, you should have;

  1. A mobile or computer with reliable internet
  2. Easy access to
  3. A recent Kroger receipt
  4. Legal status as a citizen of the United States and be 18 years of age or above.


Once you have the above mentioned things, you are ready to proceed on to the Kroger Survey:

  1. Enter the necessary details on the survey page like the date and time of visit, the ‘Entry ID’.
  2. The ‘Entry ID’ is present on the Kroger receipt from your last visit so make sure not to lose it.
  3. You can also choose to see and fill the survey in Spanish rather than in English, if you feel more comfortable in the former language.
  4. Hit the blue ‘Start’ button at the bottom left side of the webpage.
  5. Make sure you answer all the questions with veracity. Do not hesitate to register your complaints or critism if you have any.
  6. Upon the completion of the survey, you are given the chance to enter into a sweepstakes. If you do in fact win, you will be notified via e-mail.


The Kroger Survey is precisely designed to elicit definite and to the point answers from customers. Apart from asking multiple choice questions, the survey also asks open ended questions which give the customers more space to convey their message if they feel that a particular aspect has not been covered in the survey. The presence of a ‘progress’ bar throughout the survey which indicates the percentage of the survey covered ensures that the participant does not leave the Kroger Feedback Survey incomplete. The Kroger Survey covers all the major aspects of service like monetary feasibility, behaviour of staff, quality of products, ease of mobility through the store and cleanliness.

The Kroger Feedback Survey is extremely thorough as it asks the customers to rate the overall performance of the store and then tackles different departments separately. For example, it asks about the meat/sea food, center store food aisles and the produce department. The Kroger Survey provides space for ‘additional feedback’ for these departments which allows the customer more space to register any comment or concern.

However, the Kroger Survey should also take the customers’ opinions regarding the emergency precautions taken by the Kroger stores they visit; the presence of fire extinguishers, emergency exit passages and the existence of clear instruction regarding what to do during times of sudden urgency.

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