Listening To Customers: The Jack In The Box Survey

At, customers can find the Jack in the Box Survey. This survey allows participants to enter their feedback regarding the services they enjoy at the restaurant chain. The Jack in the Box Survey is a smart way to diagnose the wrongs that may be existent in the functioning of the restaurant chains. It allows the customers to give feedback in the comfortable environs of their homes, without the need to go the extra mile and register their complaints.This ensures that the customers enter information more candidly as compared to answering questions to a representative of Jack in the Box.


Jack in the Box was established in 1951. It is as American fast food restaurant chain and has its headquarters in San Diego, California. The food chain functions in 21 states in the United States and has 2200 venues. The main products that Jack in the Box serves are hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, breakfast food, desserts, tacos and egg rolls.

To manage such a wide range of employees and customers without compromising the quality of service, the Jack in the Box Survey serves as a practical way to take in the feedback of the customers.


To fill in the Jack in the Box Survey, you are requested to have the following at your disposal:

  1. A computer or a cell phone
  2. Reliable internet availability
  3. Valid Jack in the Box receipt
  4. Basic understanding of English or Spanish


In order to take the Jack in the Box Survey, undertake the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the code, printed on your Jack in the Box receipt. Hence, make sure that you don’t lose the receipt
  3. Type in the date and time of your visit and how you dined: carry out, drive thru or dine in.
  4. Note down the validation code and you are done!


The Jack in the Box Survey is your opportunity to tell the franchise whether you were satisfied with the service on your last visit or not. Hence, if you think that your experience at the restaurant demands improvement, than you are more than welcome to rate your overall satisfaction on a scale of 1 (Highly Dissatisfied) to 5 (Highly Satisfied).  However, the Jack in the Box Survey does not come about as a thorough and detailed endeavour. This is because all the survey asks of its customers is the fourteen digit code, the date and time of visit, how you dined in and your overall satisfaction. This leaves a lot to be desired.

The Jack in the Box Survey should be designed as such to cover the major facets of service. It should ask the participant to rate the cleanliness, quantity and quality of food, behaviour of the crew and the amount of money spent per person on the order. The Jack in the Box Survey should also ask customers to compare the branch they visited with other branches of the franchise and also with the other restaurants in the area. This will help gauge the competition. A ‘progress’ bar would also serve as a customer friendly technique.

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