Getting Customer Feedback: The Dollar Tree Survey

The Dollar Tree Survey is a medium of communication between the company administration and the customers. The customers will understandably find it more convenient to take a two-minute survey rather than talk to company representatives face to face or on call. This way they will be able to register criticism more openly. The Dollar Tree Survey not only allows the chain to fix flaws in store performance. It benefits the customers as well. The Dollar Tree Survey is currently available at Hence, rather than suppressing feelings of dissatisfaction about your recent visit at Dollar Tree Store, simply log on to your computers or mobile phones, fill the Dollar Tree Survey and witness betterment on your next visit.


Founded in 1991, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, Dollar Tree is an American chain of discount stores. Dollar Tree stores sell a wide range of products, for example;  toys, books, beauty and health products, household tools, party supplies, snacks and food etc. Headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, Dollar Tree has more than 13000 locations in America and Canada.


To take the Dollar Tree Survey, the participant should have the following:

  1. Have a computer or cell phone with internet
  2. Be able to access the survey at the site
  3. Have possession of an invitation to take the survey and a Dollar Tree store recent receipt
  4. Have some time to spare
  5. Should be 18 years or older to enter into the sweepstakes drawing


If you have all the above mentioned things at your disposal, then you are ready to take the Dollar Tree Survey.  Do as follows:

  1. Access
  2. Select a preferred language; English, Spanish or French
  3. Hit the ‘Next’ tab and start the survey
  4. Enter the survey code. This will be printed on your Dollar Tree receipt from your recent visit. Hence, you are requested not to lose the receipt
  5. Remembering how your last visit at a Dollar Tree store went, answer the questions as honestly as you can
  6. Enter your personal information
  7. You will be given the opportunity to enter into the sweepstakes drawing if you are not an instant winner
  8. Enter your contact information and you are done!


The Dollar Tree Survey makes the participant remember his last visit to the store and share that experience.  The questions asked are simple and the participant is given the option of three languages to choose from. The questions asked range from the attitude of employees, cleanliness of store, quantity and quality of products, ease of checkout etc. The participant is also provided with a blank space to type in anything he/she feels have been missed out.

However, the Dollar Tree Feedback Survey should also include a ‘progress’ bar so to notify the customer how much of the survey has been completed. Easy car parking is also a concern of the customers not catered to in the survey. The Dollar Tree Survey also tells the customer if he/she has won a lucky prize immediately after the survey. The customer is also given an opportunity to enter into the sweepstakes drawing.

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