Giant Tiger Survey: Making Customers Happy  

For giving your feedback, take Giant Tiger survey at –


Giant Tiger was founded in 1961. Giant Tiger is a private discount chain of stores. It is currently headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They operate throughout Canada. Giant Tiger employs over 8,000 people and operates more than 200 stores throughout Canada.


You can enter into Giant Tiger survey by these two ways:

  1. Online: Giant Tiger Survey can be accessed through the following site –
  2. Mail-in: You can enter into survey without completing it by sending an envelope with your first name, last name, home telephone number, full address, email address and title “Enter me in the Giant Tiger Survey Competition for a chance to win $500 Giant Tiger gift card” on a sheet of paper and postage to:
    Giant Tiger Stores Limited, 2480 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1G6A9.


Giant Tiger look forward to your comments and remarks about its offerings, but to give your suggestions you must first fulfill the following requirements:

  • You should have Giant Tiger store receipt or survey invitation.
  • You should be of appropriate age to take the survey.
  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or Computer.
  • You should have good internet connectivity.


Upon completion of survey, you will be entered into monthly drawing for a chance to win $500 Giant Tiger gift card.


By completing this survey, you can get different offers and prizes and if you do not get anything in return; you help company in making improvements which you can experience on next visit, so in both cases you are getting something in return. For completing an accurate survey, follow the following instructions carefully:

  1. Visit the Giant Tiger Survey site at –
  2. Choose your preferred language to take the survey. You can complete the survey in either French or English.
  3. Enter the transaction number.
  4. Enter the store number.
  5. Enter the register number.
  6. Enter the date of your visit.
  7. Click ‘Enter’ to get started.
  8. Answer some basic questions honestly.
  9. Rate few statements according to your likelihood.
  10. Submit the survey.

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