The Sears Survey: Evaluating Performance

The Sears Survey encourages customers to evaluate service from all angles. If customers feel that the behaviour of a certain employee was impolite or unhelpful, if the service was slow, the quality and quantity of products or the cleanliness standards have not been up to mark, the customers are more than welcome to highlight such shortcomings in the Sears Survey. Such surveys not only assist the company in making customers happy, bettering conditions, tackling ills and attracting profits. They indicate benefits for the customers too. Each and every customer who takes the survey becomes an agent of change in the way the franchise runs.


Founded in 1886 in Chicago, Illinois, Sears is an American departmental stores chain. The number of its locations exceeds 650 and it provides clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, appliances, and housewares etc. Besides the States, the company operates in Mexico and Canada and has become the twelfth largest retailer in the USA.

The Sears Survey keeps the performance of the departmental stores in check. It makes it easier to get customer response rather than make the company representatives go door to door or telephone customers to get feedback.


To take the Sears Survey, the participant must be in possession of the following:

  1. A computer or cell phone
  2. Internet availability
  3. A Sears receipt from your recent visit to the store
  4. Access to
  5. Ability to understand the English or Spanish


  1. Access
  2. Choose language: English or Spanish
  3. Enter in the12 digit receipt number
  4. Enter the date of purchase and hit next
  5. Answer all the questions carefully and frankly. Don’t hesitate to convey criticism of a certain aspect/s of service
  6. Enter your name, 12 digit number and email address to submit your name in the sweepstakes


The Sears Survey is thorough and detailed. On top of it, it does not require a considerable amount of time to be completed, hence adding to its customer friendliness. The language is plain and simple and anyone with a basic understanding of English can easily fill in the survey. For those who feel more comfortable in Spanish, the survey also provides the option to complete the survey in Spanish. The Sears Survey aptly enquires about the environment and tidiness of the stores, the behaviour of employees, quality and quantity of the products and the overall monetary feasibility experienced in the store. These are the basic requirements of any customer visiting a departmental store. The participant can also fill in anything in the answer space provided if he/she so desires. The employees are the representatives of the departmental store chain. It is their behaviour that determines whether the customers come again. Hence, a separate page allowing the participant to register a complaint against any employee should also be provided.

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